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How to sheet mulch

Sheet mulching is using a thick layer of cardboard/newspaper to smother weeds and build soil fertility when establishing a new garden. In this My Smart Garden video Horticulturist Scott Hitchins shows you how to sheet much in your garden using leftover cardboard or newspaper from your home!
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DIY wicking pot

Wicking pots are a low maintenance way to create a garden which needs very little water and can easily be moved around your garden. In this video Horticulturist Craig Castree will show you how to construct and maintain your very own wicking pot so you can easily grow your produce.
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How to use greywater

Greywater is water from your washing machine, shower or kitchen and it’s great to use in your garden! In this My Smart Garden Video Horticulturist Scott Hitchins talks about how to safely collect and use greywater your garden. He'll also show you his very own set up of greywater collection from his washing machine.
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How to mulch

There are many benefits of mulching, from retaining moisture in the garden, helping weed control to reducing winter plant injury, mulch is a gardeners best friend! In this My Smart Garden video Horticulturist Scott Hitchins shows you some different types of mulches and identifies all their wonderful benefits!
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Watering your veggies

Growing veggies love water however its important not to overdo the watering too! In this My Smart Garden video Horticulturist Kat Lavers provides some excellent watering tips to efficiently make use of your water while producing a good yield of veggies too. She'll also cover how to avoid any fungal issues from overwatering.
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