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GardenSafe: Soil contamination in home food gardens


Join us for a special event with EPA Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist and soil contamination specialist, Professor Mark Patrick Taylor. We’ll delve into the different types of contamination and what it all means for food gardeners. Learn about recent research, how to get your soil tested for free, how to interpret your results and strategies for dealing with contamination so you can keep on growing food at home while keeping your household safe. This is essential, not-to-be-missed advice for all urban gardeners! If you would like to submit soil samples for free testing, please visit GardenSafe.

Professor Mark Patrick Taylor Professor Mark Patrick Taylor is Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist at EPA Victoria, previously being a Professor of Environmental Science and Human Health at Macquarie University, Sydney, specialising in environmental contamination and the risks it can pose. His research expertise covers environmental contamination in aerosols, dusts, sediments, soil, water and potential risks to human health. His work has focused on mining and smelting emissions and depositions, as well as contamination in urban environments. His work is genuinely global with research, consulting and expert advice covering Australia, Africa, Asia, Chile, New Caledonia, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand, UK and the USA. Professor Taylor’s work has a special focus on ‘human environments’ including analysis of blood lead levels in children, firefighter PFAS exposures, trace metals and microbes in bees, honey, wine, residential veggie patches, household dusts and drinking water. Topical research includes assessment of atmospheric trace metal emissions from wildfires, microplastics and human health risks and authentic and effective community engagement in environmental health science.