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Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland Fruit Fly is a devastating horticultural pest that is becoming established in Victoria.

My Smart Garden has received reports of infestations in the Moonee Valley area and we encourage all home gardeners to learn to identify and respond to this pest.

QFF maggots are between 5-10mm long and a cream-white colour. Infested fruit may not appear damaged from the outside so cut fruit open to check.

There are some important steps you can take to protect your garden as well as our farmers. Check out this excellent article on fruit fly control methods suitable for organic gardens. See also the  Agriculture Victoria and the National Fruit Fly websites.

Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit fly adult. Actual size is 5-10mm. (Image by Agriculture Victoria)

Fruit Fly Larvae

Queensland fruit fly larvae maggots (Image by Agriculture Victoria)

Infested fruit

Infested fruit (Image by Agriculture Victoria)