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Join free events in your neighbourhood and online. Get your questions answered by local experts with reliable, practical advice. Enjoy tours of inspirational places and meet your local gardening community. Bring any surplus seeds, plants and produce to swap and share too!

Gardening to Reduce Energy and Costs

Gardening to Reduce Energy and Costs

Online Event is held via Zoom, link will be provided via email prior to the event.
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Our Focus

My Smart Garden is a free program that will help you grow food, shelter your home from the sun and wind, create homes for native plants and animals, use water wisely and reduce waste. Learn about the five themes:

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Grow your own food with minimum effort and space

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Make your home more comfortable all year round

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Use our most precious resource wisely

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Create homes for local plants and wildlife

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Transform waste materials into garden resources

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Missed an event? Check out previous event notes and recordings, plus videos from our local gardening experts.

A winter harvest basket with carrots, daikon, peas, kale, sprouting broccoli, silverbeet and cherry guavas.

Your cool season vegie patch

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Planting a fruit tree

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How to sheet mulch

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Case Studies

Shotaro's small garden in Altona

Shotaro has transformed a small space into a productive oasis filled with unusual herbs and vegetables that reflect his Japanese heritage.

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Grow your knowledge, grow your garden


My Smart Garden is a free sustainable gardening education program run collaboratively by partner Councils in metropolitan Naarm/Melbourne.