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sunand windcreate homes  for local wildlife, use water wiselyand recycle wastes.


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My Smart Garden partner Councils (Hobsons Bay City Council, Maribyrnong City Council, Moonee Valley City Council, Brimbank City Council, Wyndham City Council and Stonnington City Council) are taking a precautionary approach to the coronavirus (COVID 19) spread and we have cancelled all non-essential face-to-face external programs. The health and safety of our community members is our number one priority.

While our face-to-face events have ceased during the pandemic, we are stepping up our online support and offering free online workshops and our newsletters will continue so you can still access reliable, free sustainable gardening advice tailored to Melbourne, and to connect with other local gardeners.

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"Thank you for such an excellent resource. I have learnt to pickle veggies from my garden, how to better care for my worms, and have met a lot of people in my street through chatting about gardening"



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Be water wise! Learn about ways to be a water warrior.


Birds and the bees. How do you make sure they have a happy home?


Your waste is another worm's treasure.


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An upcycled concrete stepping stone surrounded by native kidney weed (dichondra repens). Pretty, low impact, and also letting all this rain soak into the soil so it can grow plants that keep us cooler in the February heat 👍💦🌱 ...

If you've got a thirsty garden, join us for a free Greywater for Food Gardeners online event this Wednesday evening and we'll share some simple and safe ways to reuse shower and laundry water on productive plants. 💧🍎💦🍊💧See our website for details (link in profile☝️) ...

It’s a scorcher in Melbourne today! Do you have paving that’s too hot to walk on barefoot or a window exposed to sun that’s turning your home into a greenhouse? Grapes on a pergola create the most gorgeous, edible canopy and keep the house cool as a bonus. They’re easy to propagate by taking a cutting in winter - see Propagation notes on our website for more info. Stay cool out there folks 😎💦🌞 ...

Rattlesnake beans are go! 🌱🌱🌱 ...

The simple ‘poke your finger in’ soil moisture test 💦💧🌧

Most common food plants need about an inch (25mm) water a week, and more during heatwaves, but this varies depending on your garden’s soil, plants and microclimate. Check by pushing a finger into the soil around the root zone (about 10-15cm deep for vegies, and a bit deeper for fruit trees and shrubs). It should feel a bit cooler and damp like a wrung-out dish sponge. When you pull your finger out a bit of soil usually sticks. If not, time to water! Dig down a bit while you’re watering and check for dry patches.

Check out the quail chicks just hatched by Altona local @adelinebarham! These are a fantastic alternative to chooks for smaller gardens with similar care requirements. Eggs can be substituted in any recipe - obviously you need a few more 😁

Repost from @adelinebarham:
Excited to be in the bigger brooder they do the pop corn dance😁so damn cute #quailchicks

Violas are just about the prettiest salad ingredient ever in my opinion. Pictured here with some red mixing mustard and a cheeky red sorrel leaf - also fine salad companions. What’s in your salad bowl at the moment? 🥗 💕 ...

Got any stockings full of holes? If they’re not able to be mended then your cucumbers will gladly take them thank you very much 😁 Cut strips about 5cm wide for strength, and tie these together as needed for longer lengths. 🥒 ...

Almond trees in Melbourne are enjoying the generous rainfall this year 😍 Anyone else growing nuts in their garden? ...

Now is the time to prep your veggie beds for spring plantings. Every gardener has a slightly different method - here’s our version: 1) Remove old plants by either cutting at soil level or pulling out at roots. You can either haul these off to the compost pile or chop them up and use as mulch for the next veg crop. 2) Spread a 3-5cm layer of something rich in organic matter (eg. compost, worm castings, mushroom compost, aged cow/horse/sheep manure) across the surface of the bed, along with a handful per square meter of a richer fertiliser like poultry manure or blood and bone. 3) Aerate the soil and gently mix the amendments into the surface by levering the soil with a garden fork. Level the bed with a rake. 4) Water until the whole bed feels like a damp sponge when you poke your finger in. 5) Add a layer of soft mulch like straw, those spent vegies or autumn leaves. 6) Plant your seedlings - or rake away mulch temporarily for seeds - and water them in. How are you preparing your beds this spring? Thanks for the question @cfkristy! 🌱🌱🌱 ...

Are you spotting hoverflies in your garden? These native insects are fabulous garden allies whose young feed on aphids and other small pests in the veggie patch. Attract them with lots of small flowers. Thanks @franceslourey for allowing us to share your pic!

Repost from @franceslourey: Look at these 😃 happy hoverflies in my garden. The front yard is full of hoverflies.
#mysmartgarden #beneficialinsects #inmygarden #innerwestmelbourne #hobsonsbay #springtimejoy #theconscientiouscook #flowersattractbeneficialinsects

Are your pets looking out for you during lockdown? Mary’s chooks certainly are 😍 A reminder that we’re still here for you too, with places available in our free Soils and Propagation workshops this Sunday and recordings of all previous events (including Backyard Chooks) online! 🐔🌱🐔🌱🐔 ...

Peas, finally! Must remember to put these in a bed that doesn’t need to be reset for spring plantings 🙄 What have you learned in your garden this winter that you want to remember next year? 🌱 ...

We love watching seeds cycle around our community! @localseedsau picked up some cherry tomatoes at one of our seed swaps and this year he’s sharing the ones he saved with others! Nice 👍

Repost @localseedsau: Just shipped some of my own seeds using @meghamfarms tip: reusing @whogivesacraptp packaging. I had only 3 of these heirloom tommy toe plants on my home veggie patch and it produced more than enough cherry tomatoes for my wife and I for the entire season. And so delicious! 🍅