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Common Bugs and Treatments

No one loves pests in their garden, they can spoil all your hard work and nibble away at your veggies. Horticulturist, Scott Hitchins will show you some low tox ways to say good bye to these little buggers and get your whole family munching away at all your lovely produce.



Ideas tips and tricks on what to grow and when.


Use trees and vines to make your home more comfortable all year round.


Be water wise! Learn about ways to be a water warrior.


Birds and the bees. How do you make sure they have a happy home?


Your waste is another worm's treasure.


Connect with us for seasonal advice, tips and tricks. Get your questions answered and share garden pics with our community.

"Thank you for such an excellent resource. I have learnt to pickle veggies from my garden, how to better care for my worms, and have met a lot of people in my street through chatting about gardening"