Urban Quail Keeping

By Kat Lavers Would you like fresh, golden-yoked eggs and feathered company in your tiny urban backyard or courtyard? Most people have only ever used chicken eggs in the kitchen, but many other birds have been domesticated for egg production. Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) are a fantastic alternative in urban areas where space and noise…

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Healthy Happy Backyard Chooks

By Jessamy Miller Chooks are easy care pets that offer you eggs, garden fertilizer and fun! While low management, they will be happiest when their needs are met: secure housing, space for natural behavior, good hygiene, activities to keep them busy, a nutritious diet, and a health plan. The first step is always to check…

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Making Italian preserves

jar with chilli oil

Bring a taste of Italy to your kitchen with these traditional preserves. Discover how to make Italian passata, bottled peeled tomatoes, pomarola semplice and summer vegies in oil. Buonissimo!! © Maria Ciavarella, My Green Garden www.mygreengarden.com.au 1. Italian passata If you only have a kilo or two of Roma tomatoes you can create this authentic…

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Keeping Fruit Trees

If you’ve never eaten a home-grown white peach dripping with luscious juiciness before, then you have never really eaten a peach! © Scott Hitchins Factors to consider 1. Sun:  To produce fruit, fruiting plants need sunshine and usually plenty of it.  Although some forest species survive well with some dappled shade as they evolved as…

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Healthy Fruit Trees

Do you want to take better care of your fruit trees? Learn about many of the aspects of caring for fruit trees here, such as choosing trees to suit your garden, feeding and pruning. © Craig Castreewww.ediblegarden.webs.com About Keeping Fruit Trees You know when I was growing up nearly everyone I know had at the…

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Growing Veggies from Seed Successfully

vegetable seedlings

Home • Food Food Urban Quail Keeping Healthy Happy Backyard Chooks Making Italian preserves Keeping Fruit Trees Healthy Fruit Trees Growing Veggies from Seed Successfully Seed Saving Balcony Gardening Creating a food forest Getting Started Growing Veggies Design an Edible Garden Vegie gardening for beginners The Art of Preserving Propagation Know Thy Soils Growing Vegies…

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Seed Saving

Seed drying sketch

Why save seed? Firstly to save money!  And to create new varieties adapted to your garden. If something was particularly delicious, or fruited early or was resistant to pests it makes sense to save that seed and grow again next year.  Over time with careful selection you can have custom designed seeds for your soil…

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Balcony Gardening

Small space? Consider these aspects in setting up your garden How do you maximise your harvest in a little space or in pots? Check out these workshop notes to learn more. © Edible Eden Design www.edibleedendesign.com Micro-climates affect what you can grow. Exposed positions are great for Rosemary and Thyme; shady protected positions are good for rainforest…

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Creating a food forest

Food forest

A forest requires no human maintenance and no inputs of fossil fuel energy, pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers to create an abundance of life. By modelling our edible and medicinal gardens on the principles of a forest, we too can also have low maintenance, low input gardens – gardens with all the diversity, resilience and beauty…

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Getting Started Growing Veggies

growing veges

There are a few basic requirements for plants. Location, water and healthy soil. Get these right and you’ll be set up to have a productive veggie garden that’s a pleasure to work in. Check out these start-up notes. Course Notes © Very Edible Gardens Pty Ltd  www.veryediblegardens.com Intro The most significant issues for getting started…

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