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What size garden do you have? (approximately)

Planting a fruit tree

The best time to plant a bare-rooted fruit tree is during the winter season. In this My Smart Garden video Horticulturist Kat Lavers guides you through planting techniques, pruning and watering to establish a happy and healthy tree so that you and your friends can enjoy delicious fruits for years to come!
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How to sheet mulch

Sheet mulching is using a thick layer of cardboard/newspaper to smother weeds and build soil fertility when establishing a new garden. In this My Smart Garden video Horticulturist Scott Hitchins shows you how to sheet much in your garden using leftover cardboard or newspaper from your home!
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Common Bugs and treatments

No one loves pests in their garden, they can spoil all your hard work and nibble away at your veggies. Horticulturist, Scott Hitchins will show you some lox tox ways to say good bye to these little pests and get your whole family munching away at all your lovely produce. This video covers pests like aphids, scale, earwigs, snails, slugs, caterpillars, cabbage moth and harlequin beetles.
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Landscaping for energy efficiency in Melbourne

Notes by My Smart Garden 2023
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